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About Us

Our Start

Barbour & Floyd Medical Associates was founded by two African American psychiatrists (Dr. Jack Barbour & Dr. Reta Floyd). It is being funded as one of the original six Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) agencies in 1993. This program was named PARTNERS. In 2003, the PARTNERS program transitioned to provide a managed care and integrated approach to mental health services under the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) model of service provision. Beginning fiscal year (FY08-09) Barbour & Floyd Medical Associates had the opportunity to transform a portion of their services to MHSA - FCCS services for adult and older adult populations. The Barbour & Floyd Medical Associates Medi-Cal certified program site is located at 2640 Industry Way, Suite B, Lynwood CA 90262. Beginning (FY2011-2012), the Prevention & Early Intervention Services for Adults & Older Adults, became a part of Barbour & Floyd Medical Associates.  The PEI Program is located at 2640 Industry Way, Suite A, Lynwood, CA 90262. Because there is consistency between the culture of the staff and the client population, cultural discrepancies are minimized. The clients are able to bond with the staff, the program and the other clients based on their cultural similarities. All aspects of service delivery reflect the values of the African American and Latino communities. Barbour & Floyd Medical Associates is culturally consistent and also realizes the importance of involving families in the planning and delivery of services.

Our Mission

The mission of this agency is to provide coordinated, integrated services to the most underrepresented population in the public health system. As a direct service provider to a multi-faceted array of adults, this agency is concerned about outcomes and is committed to conducting ongoing evaluation of the services it provides. Barbour & Floyd Medical Associates also provides a range of programs and services designed for older adults (60+) who reside in Los Angeles County. Mental Health services are available in both English and Spanish. Services include outreach and engagement, screening and assessment, individual counseling, case management, crisis intervention and medication support services.  As a result of the Mental Health Services Act, often referred to as "Prop 63", new programs and services have been added. These include Recovery, Resilency, Reintegration (RRR), Full Service Partnership (FSP), and the Prevention & Early Intervention services for Adults & Older Adults (PEI).